Banko Pironkov is a civil engineer in industry and civil construction, profile "Constructions". After completing his higher education studies, he specialized in design, production and assembly of metal exterior and interior constructions. In his over 35-year work experience he has designed a number of unique sites, as he has always made a connection between people and their most favourable living and work environment.

Banko’s interest in the knowledge of the East dates back to the end of 20th Century. In 1999 he graduated from Feng Shui training course organized by the National Association „Phenomena” (АSFEN), UN International Academy of Informatics (IAI) - collective member. And the year after he started his consulting activities in Feng Shui and his feature publications in the magazines: „BUSINESS SPECTRUM” and „DEVA”.

Since 2008 Banko Pironkov is an MD in Complementary Medicine from the Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Today, the result of long years researching and experience in the area of Feng Shui and his visits to China in particular, is creating the website „FENG SHUI FOR BULGARIANS”, in which he has adapted the specificity of the ancient knowledge to the way of life, health and work habits of Bulgarians.

His new book FENG SHUI FOR BULGARIANS was published in September 2014.



1. Consultation

2. Feng Shui project

3. Production of protective screen

4. „Double happiness” pendant

5. Date selection

6. Cell phone neutralizer

7. Energy harmonyzer


PUBLICATIONS (in Bulgarian):

In the book NEVERENDING CHINA, 2010

A green dragon and a white tiger

In www.bginterior.info (until 2011):

How to read the Feng Shui books

In „Feng Shui” magazine:

Mirrors in Feng Shui

How to activate the love sector in our home

In www.newage.bg:

2013 – The Water Snake changes the Water Dragoon

The Feng Shui martenitsa – is there anything like this?

In www.bgsommelier.com:

Feng Shui and a wine

Wine-producers use Feng Shui

Spirit as a medicine



From shamans till businessmen

Do an analyse before building


Why do we have to believe the Chinese?

Feng Shui: yes or not

Feng Shui: science, art or religion

To be at the right place in the right time

What do we expect in the Water Dragon year

How to practise Feng Shui in Bulgaria


In „USURY” magazine:
The wind and the water drive away the chaos from our life

In „DEVA” magazine:
Which is the best place for living?

The child’s room

Doors of the house

Windows of the house

Comfort at home

Light at home

Crystals in Feng Shui



The ancient knowledge of „Wind and Water”

Let’s start with the office

How to plan our office?

Working places in the office

Buildings around us influence our work

The connection between the building and the environment - 1

The connection between the building and the environment - 2

The connection between the building and the environment - 3

The manager’s office

Light at the office

Heating at the office

The office in the summer

The hidden dangers of negative energies


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